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For the Benefit of All

Arms Crossed Pose

No Nudity or Explicit Content

Content should be suitable for all ages and not contain explicit or suggestive material.

No Violence or Harmful Behavior

Content should not promote or showcase violence, harm to others, or risky behavior.

Respect and Tolerance 

Content should not contain any form of hate speech, discrimination, or disrespectful behavior towards any individual or group.


The content should be genuine, showcasing real behind-the-scenes moments, not scripted or staged scenes.

No Commercial Promotion

The content shouldn't serve as a disguised advertisement. If any product or brand is mentioned, it should naturally fit into the behind-the-scenes moment being showcased.

No Political or Controversial Content 

To maintain a focus on entertainment and personal connection, content should avoid political themes or other highly controversial topics.


All individuals appearing in the content must have given their explicit consent to be filmed and featured.

Positivity and Constructiveness

Content should strive to be positive, uplifting, and constructive, promoting a healthy and respectful environment.

No Invasion of Privacy

Respect the personal space and privacy of all individuals involved. No content should be shared that invades someone's privacy or reveals personal information without their consent.

Suitability for All Ages

As the platform targets a broad age range, content should be suitable for viewers of all ages. It should not feature consumption of alcohol, illicit substances, or any behavior deemed inappropriate for minors.

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