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You Asked, We Answered

  • How much control will I have over the content that is posted? Can I review and approve the content before it's published?
    Absolutely, you have full control over the content. We will provide you with the final cut of the video for your approval before it's published.
  • How will the content be used, and where will it be shared? Are there any other platforms or mediums where the content might appear?
    The content will primarily be used on our Twitter page, 30SecPeek. We may also feature it on other platforms, but we'll always seek your permission before sharing it elsewhere.
  • How do you ensure the confidentiality of sensitive or private scenes that I might share but decide not to publish?
    We understand the importance of confidentiality. Any footage not approved for publication will be deleted upon request from the provider.
  • Who retains the ownership right?
    You retain the rights to your original content. We only ask for the right to share the content on our platforms, with your approval
  • How does your brand align with my personal brand and image?
    Our aim is to humanize and showcase the real-life experiences of well-known figures. We believe that this aligns with your personal brand by allowing your audience to connect with you on a more personal level.
  • Who is your target audience? How do you plan to attract followers?
    Our target audience includes a broad range of social media users who are interested in authentic behind-the-scenes content. We plan to attract followers through organic growth, social media promotions, and by collaborating with influential figures like yourself.
  • How frequently will you expect me to contribute content?
    We value your time and understand your busy schedule. We aim for a flexible arrangement which can be adjusted based on your comfort and availability.
  • Is there any monetization involved? If so, how will the revenue be shared?
    At the moment, we're focusing on growing our platform and audience. As for monetization, when we reach that stage, we certainly will discuss and agree on a fair revenue sharing model that benefits you."
  • Will there be any legal agreement or contract involved in this collaboration?
    While we do have a basic content collaboration agreement, its use is not set in stone. It's designed to help ensure that both parties understand their rights and responsibilities, and we believe that it contributes to a smooth, professional collaboration. However, we're very flexible and open to dialogue about this. If you have any concerns or would prefer a more informal approach, we're willing to discuss that to ensure your comfort with the arrangement.
  • If I decide to end the collaboration, what is the process?
    We aim for a collaborative and respectful partnership. If you decide to end the collaboration, you can inform us at any time, and we will cease using your content in future posts.
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